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The quality of environment is in our hands – also yours. You can real influence the world, in which you are living. Start to act!

The invitation is addressed to people who would like to participate in our activities, have time and like to work with people.

become a member
A member of our organization can be any person for whom the mission and activities of PKE are close. If you want to get a status of member, you need to fulfill declaration of membership. Once a month at the headquarters of PKE, held meetings of the members, on which discusses current activities of the Club, and also present interesting information related to environmental protection. The membership rules are described in Chapter III of our Statute.

become a supportive member
Supportive member may be a person or legal entity that wishes to support our activities financially by paying an annual contribution in a fixed amount. The funds transferred by the supportive members are used for statutory activities.

PKE is a non-profit organization, which means that it does not operate for profit, but to provide actions we need financial support. If you are close to our goals and actions, pass any subsidy, so that we can continue our activities. Any amount counts.

tell about us to your friends and family
Share information about the activities of PKE to your friends and family, they can also work together with us

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